Friday, 10 October 2014

Professional Video Camera

The general public that does not work the video shooting and video production, consumer video camera, camera with the primary purpose to be taken casually videos in private purposes. For robustness and image quality, while the high demands are not such as can shoot videos of decent even in amateur, such as operability easy-to-understand is sought about business.

In order to be compared to those used for institutional is made, for example, is sometimes used in situations where more severe the lighting brightness, there is a portion having outperforms the commercial use, such as minimum shooting illumination. Also, in anticipation of that camera shake is likely to occur for those body is small is large, each company has introduced techniques such as "anti-shake".

Name and the consumer has information about, but a high-quality model is also used as the main camera on location in TV program production costs of the poor and the field you do not bring in the big equipment. With the advent of HDV and AVCHD format of purported that can "shoot high-definition image quality", it has become a level that can be maintained the quality of enough for use in well on television broadcasting in recent years.

Fixed video camera 

Fixed video camera as it is used in such a monitoring camera mainly high image quality can not be obtained, but stable operation performance for a long time and robustness to withstand wind and rain is required.

Image quality 

The image quality surface, broadcasting, professional cameras is a high-performance, consumer cameras are inferior to it. However, this difference has been gradually filled. The surveillance camera, image quality in the first place is not required much.


The video cameras, one of various forms exist, depending on the application. Can be classified as follows: to be roughly in the form.

     Which portion is taken independently.
     That can not be split recording part and shooting portion is integrated.
     One type of assembly, which is used by integrating it assembled.

One shot portion is independent, also called as "camera heads". (Lines) are output line for outputting a video signal from the camera head, and it may be connected to the necessary equipment via a camera control unit (CCU) of the line. Most of the surveillance video camera and (studio camera) part of the professional video camera is in this type. In the field of ENG camera, type is the mainstream before, which are integrated to generalize, it was running around video engineer and photographer in Katsui in two people each, recording unit and camera head (video deck).

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